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West Point, MS Flood Damage Experts

Flooding comes from a number of causes, but is equally damaging for properties. If you leave it untreated, flood water can cause rot to the walls and stability of the building. Additionally, the warm, moist climate in the South as well as West Point is ideal for mold growth. Don’t put off calling the Paul Davis Emergency Services of the Golden Triangle to eliminate flood damage from your property. We respond to requests 24/7 and can help you with the claim filing process.

How We Help

When you call Paul Davis Emergency Services through our Emergency Hotline, we’ll appear on your property shortly after prepared to help. As soon as we arrive, we perform an evaluation to record the amount of time and cost of the flood damage treatment. As specialists, we do not start any efforts until you’ve okayed our assessment. With so much practice in flash flood damage removal around West Point, we can deliver the most affordable quote.

Draining the Area

As soon as you sign onto our estimate, we can start work with eliminating stagnant water inside your home or business. With the help of specialized pumps, we dry out as much water as we can. This part is necessary to removing damage and preventing further issues.

Drying Your Property

Removing the flood water is just our first step. We may have to replace your tiles or drywall to clean additional harm to the surfaces below the floor. Then, we dry out your property with specialized dehumidifiers and fans. To prevent dangerous mold growth, our team will be as detailed as we can.