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How to Handle Water Damage

Severe repercussions arrive from leaks in your house. Whatever the cause, water damage left unchecked on your property can be a hazard to your family. Wood floors and walls are prone to mildew and mold when water damage has been left untreated. Once you’ve called a professional to help, take these steps to ensure a proper recovery for your home. Water damage on your property is the perfect environment for mildew, mold and other hazards. Whether from leaky appliances or flash flooding, acting fast to prevent water damage is essential to ensure no further issues.

Preparing for the Professionals

Before a Paul Davis service master arrives, there are several measures you can do to help make the process faster. To salvage everything on your property from water damage, it’s necessary to act quickly.

Make sure your home is safe to enter before working. The dangerous combo of water and electricity makes a flooded home an unsafe place to work in. Before stepping into your home, power off the main breaker.

Getting Started

A serious home flood can leave furniture and possessions soaked. Relocate all your small items to prevent increased water damage. Level, sturdy areas are suitable for drying books, magazines and other paper materials. This includes small tabletop items, such as lamps and knickknacks. Once you’ve removed smaller items, newspaper and other damp materials, you can begin cleaning.

To begin the drying process, use fans or air conditioning throughout your home to channel air around the area. Let the professionals dry the big messes, but you can wipe or mop smaller messes. Though you may want to try, never use a normal home vacuum cleaner to remove water. The average vacuum isn’t designed to suck up bodies of water. To avoid further water damage, use wooden or cement props to lift furniture away from the the floor.

Carpet and fabrics take on weight when exposed to water. This additional weight makes leather goods, fur and rugs hard to lift. If you have to remove a carpet, lift with caution. Hang clothing, draperies and other fabrics away from the flooded area to dry thoroughly. Pieces such as furniture may not be salvaged easily.

The same water weight that damages rugs and carpets can damage your home’s foundation. Because of this, stay away from drooping ceilings or bowed floors. Areas like these have likely absorbed the most water and could collapse under weight.

Why You Should Call Paul

Paul Davis experts know water damage. With a little professionals arrive speeds up the restoration process. We can restore your home back to normal safely and quickly. Our technicians have restored a variety of flood conditions in different types of residential and business properties around Smithville. Furthermore, Paul Davis negotiates with your insurance company to settle your claims promptly, so you can return to normal.