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Recovering from Flooding in Smithville, MS

From heavy rains or faulty appliances, a flood inside your property can be frustrating. If flood water is left for a long time, decay can set into the floors and infrastructure. Additionally, the warm, moist climate in the Southeast as well as Smithville makes for prime mold growth. Don’t wait call the Paul Davis Emergency Services of the Golden Triangle to treat flooding in your property. We respond to calls any time and can assist you with the claim filing process.

How We Help

We answer our hotline any time and respond to calls shortly after. Once we arrive, we start an evaluation to record the amount of time and cost of the flood damage treatment. As specialists, we do not begin any work until the quote is approved. Decades of working in the emergency services industry means you’ll get the most accurate quote Smithville.

Eliminating Flood Water

We being our steps by pumping out leftover flood water from your property. With the help of industrial pumps, we dry out all the water possible. This part is necessary to taking out damage and avoiding mold.

Clearing the Air

When we’ve removed the standing water from your space, we can start on the real work by taking out soaked tiles and carpets. Then, we dry out your property with advanced dehumidifiers and fans. We prevent increased damage by closely attending to our tasks.