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Storm damage

Storm Damage Professionals in Mississippi State, MS

The South and MS are known for turbulent storms. Spring and fall usually create the harshest storms like funnel clouds, tropical storms and thunderstorms. If your home or commercial space is dealt severe damage from a storm, it can be hard to move forward. The storm damage professionalsat Paul Davis Emergency Services serve the Mississippi State area with quick response times and thorough repairs.

Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

The Paul Davis experts have local experience in weather repair after inclement storms near Mississippi State. Our team is ready 24/7 for emergency services and storm damage repair quotes. However severe the damage, you can contact our licensed repair specialists to help your property. We assist with the claims process and provide damage repair quotes. Paul Davis performs storm damage help for these common events:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

Across the region and MS, tornadoes have left a path of destruction behind. Infrastructure, utility lines and buildings can all be decimated in these harsh events. Common damage tornadoes cause includes ripped siding, broken windows, ripped shingles and in some cases, whole roofs. Trees and vehicles aren’t even safe from strong tornadoes. Call the contractors from Mississippi State Paul Davis if your property needs a tornado damage restoration estimate.

Rain Damage

Water is necessary to live, but in floods, it can be dangerous. Water can enter cellars, soak drywall, fabrics and foster mold growth. A severe thunderstorm that brings heavy rainfall can leave dirty debris or septic leakage in your home as well. Paul Davis has specialists to help with flood damage, find out more on our page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Tropical storms incorporate the most devastating components of strong winds and flooding into one dangerous storm. When a tropical storm hits MS or surrounding area, the floods and gusts can be strong enough to damage buildings, landscaping and tip over vehicles. Paul Davis Emergency Services offers estimates for hurricane damage.

Frozen Rain Damage

Mississippi State isn’t used to lots of snow, but frozen rain and hail can be normal problem. At its most intense, large hailstones can shatter windows, bend and crack shingles which leads to roof damage. Call Paul Davis Emergency Services for help with hail damage.

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