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If you See Water Damage in Mayhew, MS

Discovering a wet stain on the ceiling or pooling under the dishwasher can become a pricey headache. Water damage stems from various sources like leaky roofs, busted plumbing or broken appliances.

Wherever it starts from, you should always have a professional inspect it. If left alone, water damage can weaken the foundation of your home. Neglected water damage can result in mold growth, especially in the warm, damp weather of Mayhew, MS and across the Southeast. If you’ve encountered mold near your water damage, check out our mold damage treatment page.

Since our company began, water damage cleanup is a core service of Paul Davis. We target water damage and remove it at the source.

Get the Experts

The Paul Davis specialists use scientific approaches and advanced equipment to remove the water damage. Though a wall appears dry at first glance, moisture can still be in the drywall that is impossible to detect without the correct tools. By taking care of water damage promptly, you prevent the annoyance of pricey repairs in the future.

For same-day service, talk to us or press the 24-hour Emergency Services option. We are dedicated to answer your request within half an hour and arrive on site within four hours.

Why Call Paul?

Paul Davis professionals follow efficient channels to bring you the most accurate quote for water damage on your property. Our team goes farther than only estimates, our contractors will help you during the claim filing process. Move on from water damage with the most reliable contractors in Mayhew.