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Flood Damage Emergency Experts for Hamilton, MS

Floods come from a number of places, but can be equally dangerous for homes and businesses. When stagnant water goes untreated too long, rot can set into the drywall and infrastructure. Mold growth is another concern with the muggy weather of MS and across the Southeast. Don’t put off calling the Paul Davis Emergency Services of the Golden Triangle to remove flooding in your home or business. We answer requests any time and can assist you with the claims process.

What Is Emergency Flood Damage Removal?

When you contact Paul Davis Emergency Services through our Emergency Hotline, we’ll appear on your property shortly after ready to start. First, we start an evaluation of the damage to measure the extent of the damage, the time span it will take to complete and a price quote. As professionals, we do not start any efforts until you’ve okayed our assessment. Decades of experience in the emergency services industry means you’ll get the most accurate quote Hamilton.

Removing Excess Water

We start our steps by draining the standing water inside your property. We have powerful pumps to remove all the flood water as we can. By removing the standing water and debris, the probability of mold growth shrinks.

Clearing the Air

Removing the harmful water is only our first step. We may have to remove your tiles or drywall to clean additional harm to the subfloor. The Paul Davis Emergency Services accelerate the water removal time with strong fans and dehumidifiers. We help you avoid increased damage by paying close attention to our tasks.