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Repairs for Natural & Artificial Flooding in Columbus, MS

From heavy rains or faulty appliances, a flood in your home or business can be devastating. When standing water sits for a long time, decay can infiltrate the walls and other surfaces. Mold growth is another problem in the muggy weather of Columbus and anywhere in the Southeast. Don’t wait call the Paul Davis Emergency Services of the Golden Triangle to treat flood damage from your home or business. Our expert staff responds any time and is ready to assist with the insurance process as well.

How We Help

When you contact Paul Davis Emergency Services through our Emergency Hotline, we’ll arrive on the scene within hours prepared to help. Once we reach you, we start an evaluation to record the time and costs for flood damage treatment. Then, we wait approval of our evaluation before starting work. With so much experience in flood damage removal across Columbus, we are qualified to provide the most affordable quote.

Eliminating Flood Water

We initiate our work by pumping out the standing water from your home or business. We use powerful pumps to take out all the excess water as we can. By removing the flood water and debris, the probability of mold growth shrinks.

Clearing the Air

Removing the pooling water is only our first part of the process. We might have to remove your tiles or carpet to clean any extra problems with the surfaces below the floor. The Paul Davis Emergency Services speed up the water removal time with powerful fans and dehumidifiers. We prevent additional damage by closely attending to our tasks.