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Water Damage Tips

Issues such as mildew and mold can result from even hidden leaks in your water line. Whether an appliance breaks or flash flooding, water damage has serious consequences for your home. Floors, walls and other surfaces are vulnerable to fungal invasion when water damage has been left to spread. Once you’ve called a professional to help, follow our steps to ensure a proper recovery for your home. Water damage on your property is a magnet for mildew, mold and other hazards. Whether from leaky appliances or flash flooding, acting correctly to prevent water damage is essential to prevent further issues.

Preparing for the Professionals

Before a Paul Davis professional arrives, there are several steps you can do to help make the restoration faster. From the floors, walls, ceiling, and your prized things, it’s important to work quickly to postpone water damage in your home.

First, assess the condition of your property. It’s common knowledge that water and electricity are a dangerous combo, so look for electrical hazards on the premises before you act. Even if it appears in-tact, steer clear of items like TVs, microwaves or any household appliances. Bare wires or damp electronics can pose a threat, even when appliances have been turned off. Cut power to all breakers and circuits to avoid electrocution and ensure total safety.

Getting Started

A severe flood in your home can leave everything wet. When your house is safe to enter, relocate all your possessions. Paper and inked things like newspapers need a stable, dry surface. This also includes little tabletop things, such as lamps and collectables. The cleaning can begin when you’ve removed paper material, small items and other damp materials.

Fans and air conditioning move air through your property and start drying the area. Dry all minor pools and sitting water with a wet mop and towels. Though you may want to try, you should not use a standard home vacuum to remove water. These appliances aren’t designed to clean up pools of water. When you’re ready to move furniture, prop up furniture like sofas using wooden or cement blocks to elevate them above the wet areas.

Water adds weight to surfaces, carpets, and fabrics. This extra weight makes rugs, leather goods and fur hard to dry. If you need to remove a carpet, lift carefully. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the wet area to dry properly. Remember that water damage can affect these items permanently, so you may not be able to save them.

In severe flooding situations, the extra water weight can affect the structural strength of your house. Because of this, stay away from sagging ceilings or bent floors. These areas have likely taken on large amounts of water and could collapse around you.

Paul Davis in Becker MS

Water damage is no match for Paul Davis. With a little professionals arrive speeds up the restoration process. We will get your property back to normal safely and quickly. Our pros have worked with a variety of flood conditions in different types of residential and business properties around Becker. Additionally, Paul Davis negotiates with your insurance company to settle your claims promptly, so you can return to normal.