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Flash Flood Damage Emergency Contractors in Amory, MS

Whether from natural or broken appliances, flooding inside your home or business can be devastating. When stagnant water is left too long, rot can set into the drywall and stability of the building. Additionally, the muggy climate in the South and Amory is ideal for mold growth. Don’t hesitate call the Paul Davis Emergency Services of the Golden Triangle to treat flood damage from your home or business. Our expert staff answers 24/7 and is ready to assist with the claims process too.

How We Help

We respond to our emergency line 24/7 and reply to calls within hours. First, we start an evaluation of the flood to measure the extent of the problem, the time span it will take to complete and a price quote. As professionals, we do not start any efforts until you’ve agreed to our evaluation. With years of practice in flood damage elimination across Amory, we can offer the best estimate.

Eliminating Standing Water

As soon as you agree to our assessment, we begin with removing flood water inside your home or business. We use specialized pumps to take out all the flood water as possible. This part is needed to removing damage and preventing further issues.

Clearing the Air

Taking out the harmful water is only the first part of the process. We may need to replace your tiles or drywall to clean additional problems with the subfloor. Next, we air out your property with advanced fans and dehumidifiers. To avoid damaging mold growth, our staff pay attention to each detail we can.