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Grilling Safety Tips
Posted 06/14/18
Gathering with friends and family to enjoy hamburgers is a backyard pastime. But each year, these backyard cookouts cause property damage and injury. Next time you fire up the grill, keep these grilling safety tips in mind to keep you...
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Extra Summer Care for Your Air Conditioner
Posted 06/5/18
Chances are that if you have an air conditioner, it has been hard at work this summer. And while we appreciate being kept cool and comfortable, especially during hot or humid summer months, we quickly get ‘hot under the collar’...
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Better Ways to Store Flammables at Home
Posted 02/27/18
We all have flammables in our home, but do you know how to properly store them when they’re not in use? Many people do not. When stored improperly, flammables can have devastating consequences including poisoning, fires, and explosions. So if...
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