Meet Jay Branning, Reconstruction Operations Manager: A Difference Maker

Paul Davis, a leading disaster restoration company that spans North America, is staffed by dedicated professionals who make life-changing differences for people they help. These differences aren’t confined to work hours or limited by contracts. They aren’t codified in a manual or completed according to rote instructions. Instead, they spring… Read more »

Paul Davis Owners in Virginia Mount Medical Support for Ukraine

After months of amassing along Ukraine’s borders, Russia invaded this eastern European nation of 44 million citizens in the early hours of February 24. Shocked by the aggression, the world mobilized support for the beleaguered country and imposed harsh sanctions on Russia. The conflict has been particularly heart-wrenching for American… Read more »

I Joined Paul Davis to be a Difference Maker

I Joined Paul Davis to be a Difference Maker

Paul Davis teams often encounter situations that move our people emotionally to do more and give freely beyond task logistics and required paperwork. One particular project in Talladega, Alabama, tugged at our team’s heartstrings. “This house had been hit by a vehicle that caused considerable damage,” explains Matt Phillips, Project… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As the weather begins to warm, Paul Davis team members are proudly offering time, expertise, space, equipment and enthusiasm throughout our home communities. Here’s where we pitched in recently: Raising funds for defibrillators: Paul Davis of Idaho sponsored a banquet and auction that raised $140,000 to purchase automated external defibrillators… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Our Local Communities

As we enter 2022, Paul Davis team members have new energy for volunteering and helping people in need and charitable organizations in our communities. We are proud to offer time, expertise, space, equipment and enthusiasm wherever we can. Here’s where we pitched in recently: Collecting Canned Food for Local Charities:… Read more »

Be Aware and Protect Against Furnace Puff-backs This Winter

Few property owners think about furnaces frequently, particularly if that furnace keeps the place warm. We ignore them for lots of reasons: they’re tucked in the basement, their operations are automated, we lack the mechanical skills to tinker with today’s modern units and experts clean them annually without our assistance.… Read more »

Paul Davis Supports Local Communities

As spring moves toward summer, Paul Davis is lending its people, equipment, time and expertise to worthy causes all over North America. Our employees are honored to give freely of themselves to support the communities in which they live and work. Here where our people pitched in recently: Donating to… Read more »

Out-of-Sight Dryer Vents Accumulate Lint That Frequently Causes Fires

Many businesses maintain on-site laundry facilities, from laundromats and hotels to apartment complexes, gyms and medical clinics. These commercial entities share something else besides laundry equipment: an increased risk of fire sparked by a very flammable substance. A substance so easily ignited, in fact, that campers use it for tinder:… Read more »

Excellent Customer Service Significantly Eases Commercial Business Owner Distress Following Fire or Flood Damage

Business owners are usually in control of employees, inventory, schedules, decisions, budgets. That vanishes the moment disaster strikes. “They suddenly feel powerless. That’s an intensely uncomfortable emotion for proactive, motivated people to handle,” says Scott Hill, Director of Reconstruction Production, Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling of Southeast Wisconsin. “We emphasize… Read more »